Saturday, April 4, 2009

"HATS... HATS...HATS!!!"

I have always loved hats. I loved them so much that my best friend bought me a box full of antique hats at an auction once and surprised me with them because she knew I liked them so well. Yes, I actually wore many of them! Some of the hats were wide brimmed, some were velvet, some had that fine black netting that came down over your face… they were sooo cute.

I don’t know why I liked wearing hats so much maybe it’s because of the way they made me “feel”. I would feel “pretty” when I had on a certain hat. Another would make me feel “glamorous”, or “sophisticated”, or even “playful”.

I chose which hat to wear according to where I was going and what I was doing… had to have them match everything else. I haven’t worn a hat in a while now, not one that you can see anyways. The hats I wear now days are invisible to the naked eye, but I am still sporting them nevertheless. (As are most of you.)

My hats include the “mother’s hat”, the “grandmother’s hat”, the “wife’s”, the “sister”, the “daughter”, the “friend”, the “listener”, the “confidant”, the “encourager”, the “teacher”, the “minister”, the “servant” and a host of other hats.

Like the hats I used to wear… I love these all too. I love them because I know each one is a “designer original”. Each hat that I wear has been designed for me by God… and fits me to a “t”.
Do I have a favorite? While I love them all, I guess my favorite is the “God’s daughter hat”. When I have that one on- which is all the time, never take it off- I feel “special”, I feel “loved”, I feel “important”. It also makes me feel that I want to “look my best” while wearing it because it’s a reflection of Him as well. How does that “hat” make you feel?

Thanks, Samantha, for reminding me what a "God's daughter's hat" looks like!!!!


Samantha said...

I just returned home from the women's conference in Wesson. Mrs. Eunice spoke on this very thing this morning and showed her collection of hats as she spoke! She too made mention that her favorite was the one she got here with... the tiara she wears as daughter of the King!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You look beautiful in all of your hats, especially the God's Daughter hat.
Aunt Marjorie

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lorraine, for this post. I, too, have a collection of hats from wide brimmed straw sunhats to French berets to demure Sunday hats with demi-veils. I was never the beauty pageant type, so a tiara was never something I imagined myself wearing. Guess I better rethink that!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Lorraine, I am doing a meme called 8 things, I'd like you for you to take part if you wish to, it's called 8 Things, stop by my blog and check it out.