Monday, March 23, 2009

"Shining Louder or Talking Louder?"

This weekend I took down the curtains in my office to wash them. I didn’t get them hung back up before the day was over, and would not do it on Sunday. So this morning when I sit down to the computer, the sun almost blinded me. My desk is under the window that faces east. (We all know what direction the sun rises from.)

As I was trying to work, in spite of the bright light that was coming in through the window, it made me think about Jesus who is The Light of the world and how as a Christian I am to be letting His light shine through me. This led me to wonder, “Are people able to ‘see’ Christ’s light in me or is it hid by what they ‘hear’ from me?"

Is the light hid or dimmed because of the things I say?—the unkind words, the criticism, the belittling statements, the harsh response, voicing my desires above anyone else’s, the nagging, the blaming, hateful words, fear, defeatism, etc.

Christ’s light should be shining brightly through us but it can be hid if our unpleasant words are speaking louder. People often remember what you “say” more than they remember what you “do”. So our words need to be shining brightly and they will if they reflect the glory of God. They do that when our words are wholesome, seasoned with salt, full of grace, kind, patient, edifying, compassionate, loving, full of blessings, encouragement, praise and so on.

I don’t want my words to hide His light… I want even my words to shine brightly for Him.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Your words alway show Your love of Jesus. It is always easy to see him in you.
You are always an inspiration to me.
Love you
Aunt Marjorie

TalithaCumiInspires~Shining Diamonds said...

Wonderful word,Lorraine, as always. You can visit me at my new blogger page also, . Much love always! Agape' in the Lord! Blessings and honor my sister and friend!