Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Giving Thanks"

This week we are celebrating Thanksgiving so I thought I should post something appropriate... like... what I am thankful for. The more I thought about my list of things that I am thankful for... it got longer and longer and longer. Of course, I couldn't write them all down because #1 there is not enough room here, and #2 you would get tired of reading them all. So I thought I could narrow it down a bit. But should my list then be one of a physical nature or spiritual nature-I've been blessed in both. I finally came to the conclusion that I would just say that I am thankful for the smallest of blessings- like eyelashes- to the greatest one I have attained- salvation through the grace and shed blood of Jesus. That should cover all the ones that are "in between" too. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

This "Glitter Girl" knows that she has more to be thankful for then she could ever name. "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Happy Birthday To Me"

“Today is my birthday… so Happy to Me!” I told you it was rapidly approaching 50. Well… it’s HERE! Someone asked me at church last night if I was “depressed” about turning 50! You know, when I was growing up, 50 sounded so oooold, so ancient, so antique. I thought of 50 year old people as people with “one foot in the grave” and the other one sliding that way. But now that I am there (here)… it isn’t old at all. As a matter of fact, I have looked forward to it. I understand that they are saying that 50 is the “new 40” so that means I am actually getting “younger” or “better”.

Am I depressed about being “half a century” old? Of course not! I read in the Bible that 50 years was the time of “Jubilee”. So today is my day of “Jubilee”. Besides, if I am celebrating my birthday, it means I am still alive. And if I am still alive, it means that God is not finished with me yet. It means that He still has a plan for my life- regardless, of my age. It means that I still have a race to run- and win, a course to finish, a prize to attain, a mission to accomplish, a destiny to fulfill.

The world looks at my age and says that I am only 3 years away from not being able to learn a new skill- I guess after that my brain must go to sleep or something? It tells me that I am only 12 years away from retirement- does that mean that I will no longer be a productive member of society? I missed the age limit for “American Idol” by 20 years- does that mean that I no longer have talent? I am also told that I am "Over the Hill"- which hill would that be? If I listened to what the world says about my age, I might have reason to be depressed. But I don’t listen to them, I know that God is not a respecter of persons- nor of age. Mary was a teen-age girl when she gave birth to the Messiah. Sarah was 90 when she gave birth to the promised son Isaac. Elizabeth was older than 50 when she gave birth to John the Baptist- the forerunner of Christ. Naomi was on up in age when she was blessed with a new family and became the great-great grandmother of King David. When I look at it from God’s perspective…I know the best is yet to come.

This “Glitter Girl” knows that regardless of how many candles are on the cake, God still has a plan for me because I am still here… so I plan on celebrating this day. “Today is my birthday… so Happy to Me!”

Friday, November 7, 2008

"I Have A Plan"

My original plan when I started this blog was to add to it each week… so much for plans. I’ve missed a week, almost two. I should know better than making my own plans because things will happen to change my plans- interruptions, change in schedules, unexpected problems, poor use of time, unplanned events. There is only so much time to get so much done. This is why the Lord tells us to “redeem the time”. (Ephesians 5:16) Other Bible versions say: make the most of the time, make every moment count, make the best use of your time. I had an older gentleman tell me once that “time is the stuff that life is made of”. I have never forgotten those wise words, although I don’t always apply them by using the gift of time that God has given me wisely.

There is so much that vies for our time- family, friends, jobs, housework, ministry duties, someone who needs to talk, emergency situations, social events, church obligations, appointments, errands to run, entertainment, the list is endless. Before you know it the time is gone and your plans, even the most well-laid, are still unaccomplished.

I have learned that when things don’t always go according to my plans not to get upset, frustrated, angry or impatient. Sometimes God sends a “monkey wrench” into our plans to get us back to His plans. He has plans for me and so often, not only do my plans take me away from His plans, but they are the greatest waster of my time. Our plans need to be “flexible” leaving room for God to incorporate His plans into our day- His plans should always take precedence over our plans.

The best way to make sure that your plans succeed, that you don’t waste time, that you aren’t majoring on minors is to follow this one Biblical principle: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”. If you will, literally, apply that to your life- your plans, your decisions, your task, your time, before you do anything, acknowledge Him first, give His plans priority, then… all this shall be added to you.

"Glitter Girls"
know that plans can easily change. So let’s seek God’s plans first and acknowledge Him in all our plans. “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” (James 4:15)