Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Do Your Ears Hang Low...?"

When I was a little girl, my granny would say to me, “Baby, if mama mistreats you, you just flop your ears and fly to granny’s house.” Evidently, I have big ears. Isn’t it funny that you don’t notice such things about yourself until someone else points it out. I thought my ears were just fine, they used to come in handy when my hair was long- I could pull it behind them and it would stay out of my face.

We have to guard against letting other’s opinion of our looks influence us in a negative way. It’s easy to take their comments and become “self conscience” of things about ourselves that we never gave a second thought about before. This can be a tool that the enemy uses to try to distract, discourage, depress and intimidate us. We start pondering such questions as: Do I look that bad? I wonder if everyone thinks that about me? Why hasn’t anyone ever told me before, don’t they love me? Then we become preoccupied with ourselves.

I had to resolve myself to the fact that God made me. He planned me, shaped me and fashioned everything about me to His specifications. He gave me my big ears, and He must have wanted me to have them—perhaps it’s because He “likes” them and the way they look on my head. There is a song that my daughter learned in kindergarten, I don’t know the name of it- but it says, “Do your ears hang low? etc.” (You probably know it.) I am teaching it to my granddaughter but I am adding a “special” verse to it to teach her about Jesus and His design for her. The first part of the verse says, “But they hang on me just where God wants them to be and they fit my face so very perfectly…”

This “Glitter Girl” has been liberated from letting others make me feel self conscience because of what they define as "imperfections"- big ears, a long pointed nose, little lips, buggy eyes, too tall, too short, etc.. I know that I am uniquely designed by God, therefore, me and my “big ears” are comfortable with who we are. “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:14

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Molly said...

You are truely Granny's glitter girl. She would be so proud of you and your "ears" always told your Mom that you were wonderously made by God.
Aunt Marjorie