Saturday, October 4, 2008


A couple of weeks after I finished putting this blog together I got to thinking about doing a MySpace. I love working with websites, graphics, writing, etc.- so I thought it was a good idea. This way I could have a place that wasn’t about the ministry but just about me. Besides, it’s the “in” thing to do online- “everybody” has a MySpace.

The more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that who I am is not separate from the “ministry”- ministry is what I do because it’s “who” I am. If you look at all the blogs and websites I already have and the daily devotional, they reflect that. You can see who I am in the content of the sites- there is no mistaking that I am a follower of Jesus. So you already “know” plenty about me- what more could I say? Besides, a “Glitter Girl” knows it’s not really important if they know “me”, it’s more important for them to know “Jesus”. So I don’t need a MySpace. If you have one, that’s great, I'm not condemning it. My point is: this “Glitter Girl” has been liberated from feeling the need to keep up with the “Joneses”- even the “Cyber Joneses”. “And be not conformed to this world.” (Romans 12:2a)

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